10 Oldest Comic Books in America 

10. New Fun Comics Year First Published: 1935 Creator: Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Publishing Company: National Allied Publications Inc. Genre: Adventure

9. Detective Dan, Secret Op. 48 Year First Published: 1933 Creator: Norman W. Marsh Publishing Company: Humor Publishing Genre: Adventure, Crime, Mystery

8. Funnies on Parade Year First Published: 1933 Creator: Multiple Creators Publishing Company: Eastern Color Printing Co. Genre: Varied on Issue

7. The Adventures of Mickey Mouse Year First Published: 1931 Creator: Floyd Gottfredson Publishing Company: David Mckay Co. Genre: Adventure

6. Mutt & Jeff Year First Published: 1910 Creator: Bud Fisher Publishing Company: Ball Publications Genre: Humor

5. Buster Brown Year First Published: 1902 Creator: Richard F. Outcault Publishing Company: Cupples & Leon Genre: Humor

4. The Blackberries Year First Published: 1901 Creator: William Randolph Hearst Publishing Company: New York Journal American Genre: No Information

3. Funny Folks Year First Published: 1899 Creator: F.M. Howarth Publishing Company: E.P. Dutton & Co. Genre: Satirical

2. The Yellow Kid in McFadden’s Flats Year First Published: 1897 Creator: Richard F. Outcaults Publishing Company: Howard Ainslee & Co. Genre: Humor, Social Commentary

1. The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck Year First Published: 1842 Creator: Rudolphe Töpffer Publishing Company: Wilson & Co. Genre: Humor, Comic, Adventure, Tragedy