10 Oldest Motorcycle Companies in the United States 

10. Simplex Year Founded: 1935 Headquarters: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States Founder: Paul Treen Still in Business: No

9. Ace Motor Year Founded: 1919 Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Founder: William G. Henderson Still in Business: No

8. Flying Merkel Year Founded: 1911 Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Founder: Joseph Merkel Still in Business: No

7. Excelsior (Chicago) Year Founded: 1905 Headquarters: Chicago, United States Founder: Ignaz Schwinn Still in Business: No

6. Harley-Davidson Year Founded: 1903 Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Founder: William S. Harley, Walter Davidson, William A. Davidson, Arthur Davidson Still in Business: Yes

5. Indian Motorcycle Year Founded: 1901 Headquarters: Medina, Minnesota, United States Founder: George M. Hendee, Oscar Hedstrom Still in Business: Yes

4. Thor Year Founded: 1901 Headquarters: Aurora, Illinois, United States Founder: Aurora Automatic Machinery Company Still in Business: No

3. The Pope Manufacturing Company Year Founded: 1876 Headquarters: Hartford, Connecticut, United States Founder: Albert Augustus Pope Still in Business: No

2. Iver Johnson Year Founded: 1871 Headquarters: Jacksonville, Arkansas, United States Founder: Iver Johnson Still in Business: No

1. Pierce-Arrow Year Founded: 1865 Headquarters: Buffalo, New York, United States Founder: George N. Pierce Still in Business: No