Top 10 Unique Travel Experiences In India

10. Try Bizarre Specialities Like Frog Legs & Red Ant Chutney

9. Discover the Unique Utopian Community of Auroville near Pondicherry

8. Watch the Magic Happening at Magnetic Hills in Ladakh

7. Enjoy the Serene Drive Between Ocean & River in Kundapura, Karnataka

6. Raise the Bar of Thrill by Visiting Haunted Town of Bhangarh in Alwar

5. Witness Live Exorcism at Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

4. Peek into the Traditional Opium Ceremony of Bishnoi, Rajasthan

3. Enjoy the Bliss of Gravity-Defying Waterfall at Naneghat, Maharashtra

2. Glam up Your Trip with Luxury Train Tour in India

1. Attend Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, Ujjain, Allahabad or Nashik