10 Best Places to Visit in December in USA

Best Places to Visit in December in USA

As it was holiday time for my kids and family, we planned to visit the USA. To start with, it was pretty difficult, as we have never visited the country below, but surprisingly, my kids were smart enough to do all the planning for the visit. They have taken out the 10 Best Places to Visit in December in the USA, which were of great taste and within budget. They were quite excited about the places because they had never seen a white Christmas before in their lifetime. So, we decided to spend the entire holiday in the USA to enjoy the festival season at the end of the year.

Best Places to Visit in December in USA

Here’s a list of the 10 best places to visit in December in the USA that my kids had planned for their winter vacations. In this blog, I am sharing with you the best among those we had explored. I hope you would like them if you want to visit snowy destinations in the US.

1. New York City, New York

Best Places to Visit in December in USA
My kids were quite excited to experience the holiday season, starting with New York City. It was one of the most highly visited places, but it was even more so in December. The main highlight of the city was during this month, when you could explore the beautiful decorations of the Christmas lights and New Year’s Eve. The city was covered with wintery snow, along with hot wine, which was just feeling heavenly. However, my kids were more interested in ice skating at Rockefeller Center and shopping at the popular holiday markets. The Broadway shows were also amazing and the kids enjoyed them.

Where to stay in New York City: It was best to stay at the East New York Inn for a comfortable and under-budget stay in New York City.

2. Aspen, Colorado

Best Places to Visit in December in USA

This was the perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts. That was why my kids in Aspen, Colorado, who were crazy for sports, found this the most desired destination. This destination offers ice skiing and snowboarding, which my kids were very interested in. Imagine a festive atmosphere with exciting holiday events along with beautiful snow on the Colorado Rockies. They also get the chance to see Santa, watch them in a live show, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the place.

Where to stay in Aspen: Going with your family, book The Inn at Aspen, which was highly recommended.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

This was another Christmas destination where you could spend and enjoy your winter holidays in December. I was amazed by the vibrant music, cuisine, and nightlife here. They have a unique holiday tradition that they have, with festive lights all over the streets. Though my kids were more interested in games, they found this place enjoyable and happy with the local twist.

Where to stay in New Orleans: Located in New Orleans, the Marsh Hotels could be the best choice for your stay.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

4. Honolulu, Hawaii
In contrast to other destinations, this one was a little different in that you could experience a warmer climate. This place, although tropical, had milder temperatures during the winter. There was no doubt that Honolulu was a paradise where you could enjoy the sun, beaches, and outdoor activities like whale-watching and surfing. You could also go snorkeling and hiking, which I think your kids would love. This was how we explored the tropical island’s beauty with our family and enjoyed the weather in December.

Where to stay in Honolulu: Waikiki Resort Hotel was a 3-star hotel that had highly spacious rooms if you are looking for luggage storage space.

5. Orlando, Florida

Another fantastic destination to visit in the USA was Orlando, Florida. We had fun and did a lot of shopping from here. The best was Walt Disney World Resort, which was just amazing. My kids were so fascinated by its decorations and the special events at the Christmas Party, etc. We also saw Universal Studios in Florida, where we had a chance to look at the wizarding world of Harry Potter. There were other outdoor activities that we did, like hiking and biking. It was fun with the family.

Where to stay in Orlando: Go to Rosen Inn, within walking distance of the restaurants and stores. The location was easily accessible to the local market.

6. San Francisco, California

Everyone has gone to San Francisco once in their lifetime, and so have I. But this trip was, however, special because the kids had planned for everything. In December, California had a mild climate and was popular for events and festive holiday markets. Kids were more interested in looking at their world-class museums like the de Young Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts, the popular Exploratorium, and more. It was a highly recommended destination; therefore, pre-book your booking well in advance, especially during the festive season.

Where to stay in San Francisco: The hotel Union Square was centrally located in the main city, accessible by public transport. I recommend this because it was the best option as per our budget.

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7. Washington, DC

The next destination was Washington, D.C., which we had visited and was on our list of itineraries. It was an all-around different experience during the winter season. I highly recommended the indoor attractions as well as the outdoor activities, which involved ice skating. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the National World War II Memorial, which my kids were forcing us to see. This place had a diverse range of cafes and restaurants where we dine and eat seasonal dishes. So, next time you plan for the US, don’t forget to visit Washington, DC, during the winter.

Where to stay in Washington, D.C.– What an experience staying at the Motto by Hilton Washington DC City Center. It was a fabulous experience staying in the hotel and kids just love it.

8. San Diego, California

8. San Diego, California
If you are the one who enjoys mild and moderate winters, then go to San Diego, California. This was the destination where you would love to explore the various attractions and outdoor activities, even in the winter months. The first tourist attractions you could visit were its beaches. They were popular for their sunsets, picnics, and walks. They might not be good for swimming, though. You could explore natural history museums, botanical gardens, and zoos. My kids love the safari park, where they have experienced incredible wildlife, nature, and sunsets.

Where to stay in San Diego: The best place to stay here was at a 4-star hotel and the eco-friendly Hilton San Diego Bayfront. It could go a little out of the budget but it was worth staying here.

9. Nantucket, Massachusetts

If you are looking to visit the best islands in the USA within your budget, then this could be possible. Among such islands was Nantucket, which was one of the most attractive islands in the world. It offers you unique weather in December with under-the-budget accommodations, including a bed and breakfast. The hotels were cozy and comfortable. You could also get special offers in December because of the festive month. Also, you could enjoy the winter activities and photography on this island.

Where to stay in Nantucket: The best accommodation was at Cliff Lodge Bed & Breakfast. You could check the online reviews if you decide to book here.

10. Chicago, Illinois

10. Chicago, Illinois

Finally, I would recommend that the best place to visit in December be Chicago for its various events and winter sports. We had also done a lot of shopping here, which was known for its traditional German crafts, food, and drinks. It was famous for ice skating in Millennium Park and nearby parks, which was a memorable experience for us. These are some of the reasons why you could choose Chicago, Illinois, as a perfect destination in December.

Where to stay in Chicago: Hyatt Place Chicago/Downtown- The Loop I could recommend it because we got it at a lower price because we pre-booked it online.


Important to note that you must pre-book your accommodations in hotels before because you may have limited hours or close for the winter season. Also, check in advance to avoid hassle. Carry your clothes according to the weather; be sure you carry your jackets and warm clothes for outdoor activities as it would be very cold. Just remember, some places like Chicago could be very cold and snowy, so you should be well-equipped to handle the harsh windy weather. It was always a good idea for us to check the weather conditions of the destination before planning your visit. I hope you have an enjoyable and memorable trip to the best places to visit in December in the USA.

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