10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023

10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023

Vermont is a state, in the United States, in the northeastern famous for its natural landscape, or forested. It is a part of the New England region and is well-known for having more than 100 covered wooden bridges from the 19th century being a significant maple syrup producer. Ski slopes and hiking routes travel thousands of acres of the alpine landscape.

Best Places to Visit in Vermont

These are the best place to visit in Vermont throughout the year or in any season, but when the climate is warm, there are lots of outdoor fun activities that you can appreciate. There are a ton of tracks to remain cool while keeping joy in the sunshine at sites like Lareau Farm and Campground, with diverse activities open for grown-ups and youngsters. Discover some of the best activities in Vermont that are suitable for people of all ages. You’ll see why it’s called the “Green Mountain State” as you drive through breathtaking countryside.

1) Lake Champlain

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Between Vermont and New York, there lies a freshwater lake name, Lake Champlain. It also goes over Canada’s border with Quebec. Everyone requires a pleasant lake day! This place is best to visit in Vermont.

  • In Vermont, Lake Champlain is a popular destination for visitors and locals. Located between the states of New York and Vermont and extending into Quebec, Canada, it is a sizable body of water.
  • Camping and hiking are just activities you may enjoy at Lake Champlain! There’s a reason these sites fill up quickly: they are full of open space, crackling firewood, and a view of the lake.
  • The lake’s glistening waters are perfect for avid fishermen to spend some time in because it’s a well-known place to capture a variety of species.

2) Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Tour

10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023 | Blogspostt

Did you know that Vermont was the birthplace of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? One of the first facilities erected, the Waterbury facility currently produces more than 350,000 pints every day.

  • Take advantage of the chance to see behind the scenes while you’re in Vermont.
  • See how your favorite ice cream is manufactured by taking a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. Before going inside to the manufacturing floor to witness the equipment used to make it, the tour experience includes a stroll through the factory farm to meet the cows.
  • Visiting the renowned taste graveyard is one of the highlights of the factory tour. The ice cream flavors that have been retired are honored at this cemetery.
  • The tasting room is the final stop, where you try one of the latest flavors.

3) Burlington

10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023 | Blogspostt

Burlington, the capital and largest city, must be included on any list of the best places to visit in Vermont.

  • Burlington, one of the best tourist destinations in Vermont, is situated directly on the shores of Lake Champlain. The Church Street Marketplace, the most loved pedestrian mall, is located here.
  • This bustling pedestrian hub, lined with a variety of boutique shops, breweries, restaurants, nightclubs, and art galleries, is a terrific spot to have a bite to eat, listen to local music, and buy a few trinkets.
  • Additionally, you should schedule some time to go to the Waterfront Park, which provides stunning views of Lake Champlain.
  • By meandering through the walkways or boarding a boat and exploring the middle lake, discover the shoreline.
  • If you want to learn more about the lake and the animals, visit the ECHO science and wildlife museum!

4) Stowe

10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023 | Blogspostt

Stowe offers visitors occupied all year-’round. Wintertime activities include skiing and snow sports, while summertime events include art exhibitions and festivals that use balloons.

  • The largest is the British Invasion in September, fields are filled with all makes and models of British automobiles.
  • If you’re a fan of The Sound of Music, you must visit Stowe. After fleeing Austria during World War II, the von Trapp family relocated there and ran a ski resort.
  • The Vermont Mozart Festival took place on the meadow of the resort. On the nearby trails, you may also go hiking and mountain biking and you must look for one of the best places to visit in Vermont.

5) Shelburne Museum

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Shelburne Museum is the best place in Vermont to find American fine art. The museum was built on a large piece of farmland with 39 buildings and several historical landmarks.

  • The historic buildings have classic New England architecture. The Ticonderoga riverboat, a farm, a lighthouse, and a school are all located there. Inside are more than 150,000 pieces in a collection. In revolving exhibitions, up to 80,000 works of art can be viewed simultaneously.
  • The Shelbourne Museum has American art from the 18th to the 20th centuries. It includes a wide range of items, such as artwork, antiques, toys, automobiles, and outdoor sculptures.
  • The riverboat is open for visitors to explore within. The enormous collection is a beautiful example of early American traditional art and architecture let’s check this one of the best places to visit in Vermont.

6) Grafton

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Grafton has a distinctive name and is one of New England’s loveliest towns. The winning bidder bid the name of the Grafton for $5 and some rum after his hometown Grafton. It was originally known as Thomlinson.

  • Grafton now reaches what it would have appeared like a century or more ago thanks to the restoration of its historic homes and structures to their former splendor.
  • The Grafton Inn, a resort that has been in the corporation since 1801, is a must-see and the famous White Church, built in 1858, maintains observation over the neighborhood.

7) Quechee State Park

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The Quechee Gorge was cut out by glaciers thousands of years ago, and as a result of the continuous flow of water from the Ottauquechee River, it is continually getting deeper.

  • Where Route 4 crosses the gorge itself, there is a boardwalk along the bridge. Alternately, take the paths below to see Quechee Gorge’s lower section at the water level.
  • Visit the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences (VINS), located on Route 4, if wildlife interests you. There, you can see how ill or injured raptors are treated and released back into the wild.
  • You can also reserve a hot air balloon ride on a nice day with no air balloon ride at Quechee Balloon Rides. They’re set up at Quechee Green Park.

8) Hildene Manor and Manchester

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Around a 150-minute drive south of Burlington, Hildene has a spot to visit in Vermont.

  • Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of President Abraham Lincoln, and his wife Mary spent their summers in this Georgian Revival residence.
  • It seems as though time had stopped within Hildene, which the Lincoln heirs had cared for until 1975 and you can also explore this one of the best places to visit in Vermont.
10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023 | Blogspostt

The state’s urban historic district is located in the capital city of Montpelier. Vermont keeps everything local and helps this city function as one of the best small art towns in the nation, unlike some states that locate their capitals in larger cities.

  • The remarkably well-preserved statehouse is only a few blocks away from a plethora of independent stores that sell beautiful apparel, records, cuisine, and other items.
  • North Branch River Park, which offers cross-country skiing and bicycling, is close to Montpelier skiing, and the forested Hubbard Park you can also explore this one of the best places to visit in Vermont.

10) Lake Willoughby

10 Best Places to Visit in Vermont 2023 | Blogspostt

Visit Lake Willoughby if you’re touring Vermont’s top locations in the state’s northern region. It is typically far more serene and beautiful than the more well-known locations along Lake Champlain.

  • You can see Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah while you’re here, and the villages that surround the lake are charming.
  • Join the Mount Pisgah Trail for some hiking if you’re looking for the best views of the lake. It’s excellent to do on a half-day trip and takes about 1-2 hours to get to the summit.


These are some of the best places to visit in Vermont and you can enjoy the various places here as you can also reserve this place for your next holidays. For other places to explore you can visit our official page and you can also share your views in the comments.

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