10 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

A state in the eastern United States, West Virginia is located in the forested Appalachian Mountains. A well-known raid from the Civil War took place in Harpers Ferry, where the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River converge. The town is surrounded by a national historical park and retains the appearance of the 19th century, with many structures serving as open-air living history museums.

10 best Places to Visit in West Virginia

West Virginia is a state with mountains and trees, offers outdoor recreation, and has a rich historical and cultural legacy. There are numerous locations to select from the New River and the state’s other national and state parks. The old settlement of Harpers Ferry is a historical park with many living history exhibits.

Best Places to Visit in West Virginia


#1 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

The capital of the state as well as its major city is Charleston. Charleston is still a relatively tiny city with a small-town atmosphere. It boasts a thriving performing arts and arts scene. The city has a lengthy and fascinating history as a result of its permanent colonization beginning in 1788. The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences hosts performances, the State Museum offers information on state history, and the Charleston State Capitol is open for tours and visits.

Coonskin Park, Cato Park, and the expansive Kanawha State Forest, a public state park featuring a pool, camping places, multi-use paths, picnic spots, and plenty of recreational space, are just a few of the city’s public parks

Harpers Ferry

#2 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

One of West Virginia’s most picturesque tiny towns is Harpers Ferry. Additionally, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park contributes to its notoriety.

The Point, a sizable overlook from which you can see Maryland and Virginia, is situated directly at the confluence of two powerful rivers, the Shenandoah and the Potomac.

Wonderful 19th-century structures, a museum devoted to the location of the Civil War’s 1859 abolitionist attack, John Brown’s Fort, and many other attractions may be found in the town and park region.

Harpers Ferry is among the top West Virginia tourist destinations. Visitors can also stop by the Appalachian Trail Visitor Center at Harpers Ferry to experience the thrilling long-distance hiking trail. Visit True Treats Historic Candy, a unique candy store from the middle of the 20th century that offers everything in retro packaging, if you have a sweet craving.

As an alternative, you could visit the Gilded Flea Market to buy antiques (or stop by Vintage Lady for handmade gifts).

Don’t forget to go on the city tour, which is reputed to be the oldest ghost tour in America. It takes place in Low Town in Harpers Ferry and lasts about two hours.


#3 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

North-central West Virginia is home to the city of Morgantown. West Virginia University is located there, making it a college town. The Monongahela River runs alongside a valley where the city is situated. The West Virginia Botanic Gardens and the Cheat Lake Trail, a year-round gorgeous hiking trail along the lake, are just two of the many outdoor activities available in Morgantown. The 71-acre Dorsey’s Knob Park offers stunning river vistas.

There are hiking paths, vistas, and other outdoor activities in the park. A distinctive and intriguing feature is the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit system, which connects the university’s three campuses with the downtown area.

New River Gorge National Park

#4 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

If you enjoy stunning scenery, untamed rivers, hiking, and other outdoor activities, New River Gorge National Park ought to be on your West Virginia bucket list.

The United States National Park Service has established the National Park in West Virginia as its newest national park. There are several historical and natural attractions in this area that you can visit.

You can hike through the park to places like the intriguing 3,030-foot-long New River Gorge Bridge built in 1977, the cross-country Midland Trail, and see the elusive Sandstone Falls and Brooks Falls (and Boley Lake).

One of West Virginia’s most stunning waterfalls is Sandstone Falls.

Grandview State Park

#5 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

Grandview State Park, a well-liked location for hiking, picnicking, and sightseeing, is 1,400 feet above the river and rewards visitors with some of the best views in the state.

From the Main Overlook, visitors can also catch a view of the gorge’s interesting cultural history. From here, one can visit a functioning railway and the village of Quinnimont, from whence the first coal was brought out of the valley in 1873.

The Catawba rhododendrons that bloom in Grandview are another striking sight. While the enormous white rhododendrons bloom in July, the purple Catawba rhododendrons begin to blossom in the middle of May. Make sure to check the times ahead of time as they change from year to year.

#6 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

Blackwater Falls State Park, which is situated in the Allegheny Mountains in Tucker County, West Virginia, is well-known for its 62-foot-tall Blackwater Falls.

State Park at Blackwater Falls

In addition to Lindy Point, Elakala Falls, Pendleton Point Overlook, and many more picturesque natural locations, this is one of the best sites for walkers.

The Davis Trail, which connects to Monongahela National Forest, Balanced Rock Trail, which crosses the Elakala Trail and other trails, Lindy Point Trail, which ascends to Gee Haw Trail at a height of 3,000 feet to offer breathtaking views, and many other hiking trails make Blackwater Falls State Park a hiking enthusiast’s paradise.

Cass Scenic Railroad

#7 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

In addition to transporting you through some wonderful scenery, the Cass Scenic Railroad also transports you back in time as you ride in a lovely vintage carriage drawn by a steam-powered locomotive. Train enthusiasts will like taking a ride on the heritage railroad since hearing the whistle blow and witnessing steam billow out over the train is such a magnificent experience.

A lovely state park of the same name surrounds the tracks. You can go hiking, mountain biking, or boating in the picturesque hills and valleys that surround Cass, a historic lumber mill town.

When the train approaches Bald Knob’s summit, the third-highest peak in the state, it is one of the best moments of the trip.

Seneca Rocks State Park

#8 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

Seneca Rocks, one of West Virginia’s most magnificent and identifiable natural landmarks, is located at the center of a fantastic state park of the same name. If you want to go rock climbing or hiking in a pristine environment, you should check them out.

You can choose from 375 various rock climbing routes on the impressively angular rock formations, and the expansive vistas from the summits of North Peak and South Peak make the ascent well worthwhile.

The landscape is beautiful, with the gently ululating hills below covered in forests and only broken up by expanses of green grass and farmland. A nice way to pass the time is to hike along one of the state park’s numerous routes and trails in the morning or afternoon.


#9 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

The tiny town of Fayetteville certainly packs a punch with everything that it has to offer you in terms of things to see and do, despite its diminutive size. Although the city’s historic core is home to many excellent bars, restaurants, and galleries, the breathtaking natural beauty right outside its door is the main draw for tourists.

outside its door is the main draw for tourists.
Fayetteville draws a lot of thrill-seekers who come to indulge in the exhilarating outdoor adventure activities it has to offer; kayaking and whitewater rafting down the New River Gorge are popular diversions. The neighboring, millennia-old New River serves as an attraction.


#10 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

A small, historically important community in the state’s northwest, Parkersburg has many tourist-pleasing attractions. The Henry Cooper House, the Blennerhassett Museum of Regional History, and the Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley are just a few of the institutions that call Parkersburg home.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Multicultural Festival, Taste of Parkersburg, and Parkersburg Homecoming Festival are just a few of the town’s yearly festivals and events. Several parks, including Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park, Fort Boreman Historical Park, Bicentennial Park, Southward Park, and others, are available for outdoor activities in the neighborhood.


These are the best places to visit in West Virginia. In the world, there are a lot of natural places to see but here you can see everything you want from historic to modern changes in places. For more places to explore check our site where you can find other interesting topics also remember to share your thoughts on this topic.

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