Top 10 Best Beaches In Kerala To Visit In 2023

Best Beaches In Kerala

Kerala’s beaches offer a great alternative to Goa, with stunning natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere. Some beaches remain deserted, while others offer plenty of activities. Whether you want a relaxing escape or an adventurous experience, Kerala has the right beach for you.

The best time to visit is from September to March, but you can also enjoy discounts during the monsoon season. With 580 kilometers of coastline, Kerala has a wide range of beaches to choose from, including secluded, laid-back, white sand, and party beaches. Couples can find romantic spots, and there are options for every traveler. Kerala’s beaches offer pristine settings, private villas, and beautiful sunsets. While some beaches are popular, there are still undiscovered gems.

Kovalam and Varkala are great options for those seeking fun activities. With so many beautiful beaches, it’s hard to choose the best one in Kerala, but we’ve compiled a list of 10 must-visit beaches. Whether you prefer well-known beaches or hidden gems, Kerala has something for everyone.

Here List Of the 10 Best Beaches In Kerala

1.Marari Beach |one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Marari Beach, located in the Alleppey district of Kerala, is a tranquil and sleepy fishing village beach. It offers a peaceful getaway with its coconut tree-lined white sandy shore. Considered one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala, Marari Beach is known for its serenity and solitude.


  • Visitors can rent sun beds, umbrellas, and chairs, which are popular among domestic tourists. It serves as a convenient base to explore nearby attractions such as Alleppey and Kochi, making it an ideal choice for a day cruise in the Alleppey backwaters or as part of a Kochi holiday tour.
  • Marari Beach provides an authentic experience of Kerala’s traditional fishing villages, showcasing a harmonious way of life and the warm hospitality of the locals.

2. Kovalam Beach |one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Kovalam Beach, located on the long coastline of Kovalam, is renowned as the crown jewel among Kerala’s beaches. It gained popularity in the 1970s when hippies started visiting, transforming the casual fishing village into a major tourist destination.


  • The credit for its development as a tourist spot goes to Prince G.V Raja, who invited Thomas Cook & Sons-UK in the 1940s. Today, Kovalam is known for its relaxed atmosphere, laid-back attitude, and delectable food. Stretching along a 17 km coastline, Kovalam boasts three main beaches: Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Crescent Beach.
  • Among these, Lighthouse Beach is a favorite among visitors, couples, and photographers due to its scenic landscape. The iconic red and white striped lighthouse attracts attention, offering panoramic views of Kovalam town and the Arabian Sea. It is considered one of the best vantage points to admire the Southern Kerala coastline.
  • Hawah Beach, named for its allowance of topless sunbathing, is particularly popular among foreign tourists. Crescent Beach, on the other hand, derives its name from its crescent moon shape, providing picturesque backdrops for photography.
  • Visitors to Kovalam can hire tourist taxis or bikes for transportation and enjoy driving along the highway, which offers a pleasant experience with cool sea breezes and coconut palms lining the way.
  • Kovalam offers various activities for tourists, including surfing, wooden boat rides on catamarans and motorboat rides. When deciding between Kovalam and Varkala for a vacation filled with adventure, parties, and delicious food, travelers often choose Kovalam.
    Overall, Kovalam Beach with its grand lighthouse, shallow waters, low tidal waves, and serene ambiance is a must-visit destination for beach lovers.

3. Vizhinjam Beach|one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Vizhinjam Beach, located 3 kilometers away from Kovalam, is one of the most famous fishing harbors in Kerala. It offers a rustic and earthy ambiance, in contrast to the more touristy atmosphere of Kovalam.


  • Visitors can witness fishermen heading out to sea at dawn, adding to the charm of the place. Vizhinjam is also home to a marine aquarium, where one can admire a variety of marine life, including squirrelfish, piranhas, lionfish, surgeonfish, clownfish, giant turtles, moon wrasse, butterflyfish, triggerfish, and sharks.
  • Additionally, the 18th-century rock-cut temple is another notable attraction in Vizhinjam. With its fishing harbor, marine aquarium, and serene beach, Vizhinjam offers a unique experience for visitors.

4. Alleppey Beach |one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Alleppey Beach, located in the Alappuzha district of Kerala, is a prized destination known for its backwaters, houseboats, fishing, and coir industry. It is also home to a historic long pier that stretches into the sea, which has been standing for 137 years.


  • Alleppey Beach is a popular spot among tourists and offers excellent swimming opportunities. The beach features a lighthouse that provides panoramic views of the town and the vast sea.
  • Visitors can enjoy various entertainment facilities at Vijaya Beach Park, making it a favorite attraction. The beach is perfect for relaxation, with palm groves providing shade, and families can enjoy picnics while children take a casual swim in the waters.
  • To experience the beach at its best, it is recommended to visit during the famous Sand Art Festival or the Alappuzha Beach Festival.

5. Bekal Beach|one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Bekal Beach, located in Bekal town, Kasaragod district, is renowned for its historic fort and is among the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. Situated 16 km south of Kasaragod town, Bekal Beach offers a picturesque view of the magnificent Bekal Fort.


  • The beach is long, pristine, and known for its cleanliness, making it one of the cleanest beaches in Kerala. However, swimming in the waters is not considered safe.
  • One of the highlights of Bekal Beach is the well-preserved fort, which is the largest fort in Kerala. Adjacent to the beach, there is a park, play area, and zoo for kids, making it a perfect destination for families.
  • A unique feature of the beach is the rocky area around the Bekal Fort in the sea, which provides a tranquil setting for meditation in the evenings. This peaceful ambiance makes Bekal Beach an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility, healing, and rejuvenation.

Visitors are encouraged to keep the beach clean, as it strongly advocates for cleanliness and environmental preservation. Overall, Bekal Beach with its historic fort, palm-fringed surroundings, and serene atmosphere is a must-visit destination in northern Kerala.

6. Kappad Beach |one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Kappad Beach, located near Koyilandy in Kozhikode district, Kerala, holds historical significance as the place where Vasco da Gama landed on May 27, 1498, during his first visit to Kerala. Situated approximately 16 km from Calicut town, Kappad Beach is not only historically important but also offers an enjoyable experience with its safe waters and picturesque surroundings.


  • One of the highlights of Kappad Beach is observing the local fishermen heading out to sea for fishing and returning in the evening to display their catches on the sandy shores.
  • The beach also features a rocky headland extending into the sea and a 100-year-old temple, adding to its cultural charm. Kappad Beach is recognized as a certified Blue Flag beach, which signifies its commitment to providing tourists with clean and hygienic bathing water, facilities, and a safe and sustainable environment.
  • Due to its connection to Vasco da Gama and the historical spice route that traversed this area, Kappad Beach is considered a renowned heritage site in Kerala.
  • In addition to basking in the sun, and enjoying the sea and sand, visitors can explore the shades of palm trees, embark on hikes to nearby hills, savor delicious Keralan delicacies, indulge in the finest tea at local shacks, and even spot migratory birds with binoculars.
  • Kappad Beach offers a range of activities and experiences, making it an enticing destination for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and beachgoers alike.

7. Beypore Beach|one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Beypore Beach, located in Beypore town, Kozhikode district, Kerala, is renowned for its historical significance as a small port that served as a vital trading link to the Middle East.

  • This picturesque beach offers a unique experience with its kilometer-long bridge extending into the sea, allowing visitors to stroll to the other end and back.
  • Watching the sunset from the Beypore Sea Bridge is a memorable and enchanting experience. One of the highlights of Beypore Beach is the opportunity to observe various bird species such as egrets, kites, cranes, and curlew wandering and hunting for fish.
  • Additionally, visitors can witness the merging of the Chaliyar River with the sea, creating a scenic spectacle. Souvenirs representing the essence of Kerala can be purchased from shops like Asha Handicraft Emporium and others located near the beach.
  • Beypore Beach offers a delightful combination of natural beauty, historical significance, and a serene ambiance, making it one of the most beloved beaches in Kerala.

8. Chowara Beach|one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Chowara Beach, located near Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala, is a long white sandy beach known for its serene and romantic ambiance. Unlike the more crowded beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, Chowara Beach offers a relatively cleaner and quieter experience, making it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility.


  • One of the highlights of Chowara Beach is the sight of fishermen diligently pulling in their nets while witnessing breathtaking sunsets. However, the most exceptional experience on this beach is an early morning trip to witness the fishermen land their catch and participate in the unique auction process.
  • Lifeguards are present to ensure the safety of swimmers, as the currents can be treacherous. Overlooking the beach stands the revered Chowara Ayyappa Temple, a significant heritage and holy site in Kerala.
  • Visitors can climb to the top of the temple and pay their respects, while also enjoying breathtaking views of Chowara Beach below as it seamlessly merges with the Arabian Sea and fades into the vast horizon.
  • Chowara Beach offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a tranquil atmosphere, making it a beloved destination for beach enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike

9. Muzhappilangad Beach |one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Muzhappilangad Beach, located in Kannur, Kerala, is renowned as the only drive-in beach in the state and the largest drive-in beach in Asia. Its unique feature allows visitors to drive their cars directly on the entire stretch of the beach, making it an exhilarating experience.


  • The sand on this beach is firm enough to support vehicle movement, and the thrill of driving over the waves is a major attraction. It is a popular spot for locals to learn car driving as well. Situated parallel to National Highway 66 between Kannur and Thalassery, Muzhappilangad Beach is easily accessible.
  • To reach the beach, if you are traveling from Tellicherry towards Kannur, take a left turn just before the first railway crossing after crossing the Moidu bridge.
  • This will lead you through an unpaved road winding amidst coconut groves and eventually bring you to the beach. Stretching approximately 5 km, Muzhappilangad Beach curves widely, offering scenic views of Kannur in the north.
  • It is the longest drivable beach in Kerala, allowing beachgoers to drive along the coastline for a considerable distance. Local regulations permit driving on the sandy beach for a full 4 km. The beach is lined with black rocks, which not only add to its natural beauty but also provide protection against strong ocean currents.
  • Additionally, there is a private island located around 100 meters from the beach, which can be accessed on foot during low tide. Muzhappilangad Beach offers a unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and the thrill of driving along the picturesque coastline, making it a popular destination among both locals and tourists.

10. Shankumugham Beach |one of the top 10 beaches in Kerala

Shankumugham Beach, located approximately eight kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram, is a must-visit beach in Kerala. It is renowned for its iconic mermaid statue called Matsya Kanyaka and a unique restaurant shaped like a starfish.


  • Sunset enthusiasts are particularly drawn to this beach, which offers a stunning view of the setting sun. With its milky white sand, Shankumugham Beach is a picturesque spot, ideal for capturing travel memories through photographs.
  • The beach is conveniently situated near Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Veli Tourist Village. In addition to its captivating features, Shankumugham Beach is also home to an indoor recreation club, adding to its appeal to tourists.
  • The combination of the mermaid statue, the starfish-shaped restaurant, and the recreational facilities make this beach a popular tourist destination, attracting a large number of beach lovers every year.


Kerala’s beaches offer a diverse range of experiences, from rustic fishing villages to grand lighthouses and historic forts. The region’s only drive-in beach provides a thrilling adventure, while a beach with a mermaid statue and starfish-shaped restaurant offers unique attractions. With its pristine shores and breathtaking views, these beaches are perfect for relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. Whether you seek tranquility or excitement, Kerala’s beaches are sure to leave a lasting impression on your vacation.

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