10 Confirmed Concert Places While K-pop Tours in USA 2023

K-pop tours in USA 2023

In 2023, K-pop fans can expect an exciting lineup of tours and concerts taking place in the United States. With the return of live performances, anticipation is high for an array of thrilling shows by various K-pop groups and solo artists. The announcements of these tours have sparked immense joy and excitement among fans worldwide.

Notable concerts that have already taken place include Jackson Wang’s Magic Man tour, NCT 127’s ‘Neo City Link’, and MAMAMOO’s World Tour ‘MY-CON’. As the year progresses, more musical events are expected to be added to the list. Stay tuned for updates and additional details as new concert titles and venues are announced.

K-pop Tours in USA 2023

K-pop tours refer to live concert performances by K-pop artists and groups that showcase their music and performances to audiences around the world. These tours typically involve multiple shows in various cities and countries, allowing fans to experience the energetic and captivating performances of their favorite K-pop acts.

K-pop tours often feature elaborate stage setups, choreographed dances, live vocals, and interactions with fans, creating memorable experiences for both the artists and the audience. These tours provide an opportunity for fans to see their favorite K-pop idols up close and to immerse themselves in the vibrant and dynamic world of K-pop music.

Here is the schedule for the 2023 K-pop World Tours and Concerts:

1.BLACKPINK – Born Pink World Tour Asia

BLACKPINK – Born Pink World Tour Asia

As for the confirmed concert places for BLACKPINK’s Born Pink World Tour in the USA in 2023, the following dates and locations have been announced:

  • Los Angeles – June 3-4
  • New York – June 10-11
  • Chicago – June 17
  • Atlanta – June 24
  • Dallas – July 1

Fans in the USA can mark their calendars and look forward to experiencing the electrifying performances by BLACKPINK. Stay tuned for any further updates and additional concert announcements.

2. EPIK HIGH – All-Time High Tour

BLACKPINK – Born Pink World Tour Asia

EPIK HIGH, the legendary K-pop trio, is set to embark on their highly anticipated Europe and North America world tour titled “All Time High.” After a brief hiatus, fans can expect an epic and unforgettable performance from the group. Here is the confirmed schedule for EPIK HIGH’s tour:

  • United Kingdom: February 6, February 12
  • Belgium: February 7
  • Denmark: February 9
  • Germany: February 13, February 15
  • California: February 26, April 8-9, April 11
  • Arizona: February 27
  • Texas: March 5-6
  • Florida: March 8
  • Georgia: March 11
  • D.C.: March 13
  • New Jersey: March 15
  • New York: March 16
  • Boston: March 18
  • Pennsylvania: March 19
  • Quebec: March 21
  • Ontario: March 23
  • Michigan: March 24
  • Illinois: March 26
  • Minnesota: March 30
  • Colorado: April 1
  • Utah: April 2
  • British Columbia: April 4
  • Washington: April 5
  • Oregon: April 6
  • Nevada: April 14

Make sure to secure your tickets and be part of this incredible musical journey with EPIK HIGH. Stay tuned for any updates and additional concert announcements.

3. Taeyeon – the ODD of LOVE

Taeyeon – the ODD of LOVE

Taeyeon, a prominent 2nd generation K-pop idol, is set to embark on her world tour in 2023 and 2024. The tour schedule includes the following confirmed concert places in the USA:

  • Los Angeles – September 2-3
  • New York – September 10
  • Chicago – September 17
  • Atlanta – September 24
  • Dallas – October 1

Fans in the USA can anticipate thrilling performances from Taeyeon as she takes the stage in these cities. Stay tuned for more updates and additional concert announcements.


OnlyOneOf, the K-pop boy group has announced their highly anticipated American tour for 2023. Fans can look forward to their energetic performances in various cities. Here is the confirmed schedule for OnlyOneOf’s tour:

  • New Jersey: March 31
  • Illinois: April 2
  • Minnesota: April 4
  • Georgia: April 6
  • Texas: April 7
  • Puerto Rico: April 9
  • Arizona: April 12
  • TBD (American Broadcast): April 13-28
  • California: April 29-30

Make sure to mark your calendars and get ready to experience the talent and charisma of OnlyOneOf. Stay tuned for further updates and any additional concert announcements.

5. NCT 127 2nd Tour 'Neo City – The Link'

NCT 127, one of the popular K-pop groups, is extending their highly anticipated world tour, ‘Neo City – The Link,’ into 2023. Following its success in 2022, the tour continues to generate excitement among fans worldwide. Here are the confirmed tour dates for NCT 127:

  • Chicago: January 9
  • Houston: January 11
  • Atlanta: January 13
  • Sao Paulo: January 18-20
  • Santiago: January 22
  • Bogota: January 24
  • Mexico City: January 28

Fans can look forward to experiencing the electrifying performances and mesmerizing stages by NCT 127. Don’t skip the chance to be part of this incredible journey. Stay tuned for any updates or additional concert announcements that may follow.



ATEEZ, the talented K-pop group, is thrilling their fans with the extension of their world tour, “THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL,” which began in 2022. The tour is now making its way to Europe, igniting immense excitement among ATINYs. Here are the confirmed tour dates for ATEEZ:

  • Amsterdam: February 10
  • Berlin: February 14
  • Brussels: February 18
  • London: February 22
  • Madrid: February 28
  • Copenhagen: March 4
  • Paris, Accor Arena: March 7-8

ATINYs can anticipate captivating performances and unforgettable moments as ATEEZ breaks the walls with its music and talent. Keep an eye out for any updates or additional concert announcements. Don’t skip the chance to be part of this special journey.



P1harmony, the rising K-pop group that made its debut in 2020, is set to make its mark in the 2023 K-pop world tours and concerts. They will be embarking on their P1USTAGE H: P1ONEER tour in the United States during the first two months of 2023. Here are the confirmed tour dates:

  • Los Angeles: January 20
  • Oakland: January 22
  • Denver: January 24
  • Houston: January 26
  • Chicago: January 29
  • Atlanta: February 1
  • Reading: February 3
  • New York: February 5
  • Washington D.C.: February 8
  • Nashville: February 12
  • Austin: February 14
  • Dallas: February 16

Fans can look forward to witnessing P1harmony’s captivating performances and experiencing their unique musicality firsthand. Make sure to mark your calendars and be part of the unforgettable P1ONEER tour. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises from P1harmony as they continue to showcase their talent on the world stage.



AOMG, the renowned record label, is bringing its talented artists on a thrilling tour across Asia. Simon Dominic, Loco, Gray, Leehi, and Yugyeom are set to captivate audiences during their Follow The Movement Asia tour, which will take place in January and February.

Fans can expect an unforgettable experience as these incredible artists showcase their immense talent and electrifying performances.

Here are the confirmed tour dates for AOMG’s Follow The Movement Asia tour:

  • Singapore: January 8
  • Bangkok: January 13
  • Manila: January 15
  • Tokyo: January 27
  • Osaka: January 29
  • Hong Kong: February 3
  • Taipei: February 5

From the vibrant city of Singapore to the bustling streets of Tokyo, AOMG will bring its infectious music and dynamic stage presence to each location, creating unforgettable memories for fans.

Be prepared to groove to their beats and immerse yourself in the energy of their performances. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as AOMG’s Follow The Movement Asia tour continues to unfold.

9. LOOPY – Departed

LOOPY – Departed

Loopy, the talented Khip-hop artist, is bringing his electrifying performances to North America with his DEPARTED tour. Following his successful run in Europe, Loopy is ready to captivate audiences across the continent with his unique style and mesmerizing music.

The tour’s title, DEPARTED, reflects Loopy’s journey, symbolizing his distance from his home and past while embracing the possibilities of a new future.

Here are the confirmed tour dates for Loopy’s DEPARTED tour in North America:

  • Texas: February 24
  • New York: February 25
  • Ontario: February 26
  • British Columbia: February 27
  • Washington: February 28
  • California: March 3
  • Atlanta: March 4
  • Texas: March 6

Fans can expect unforgettable performances as Loopy takes the stage and shares his music with audiences in these cities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness Loopy’s talent and immerse yourself in the energy of his live shows.

Stay tuned for more updates and surprises as Loopy’s DEPARTED tour continues to make waves in North America.

10. CIX


CIX, the talented K-pop boy group under C9 Entertainment, is set to embark on its exciting journey as part of the 2023 K-pop world tours. They will be delighting fans in Europe with their upcoming tour, titled Save Me, Kill Me, in January.

Here are the confirmed tour dates for CIX’s Save Me, Kill Me tour:

  • Warsaw: January 15
  • Tilburg: January 18
  • London: January 20
  • Paris: January 22
  • Cologne: January 26
  • Berlin: January 29

After their European tour, CIX will make their way to the United States, where they will continue to mesmerize their fans.

Here are the confirmed tour dates for their U.S. leg:

  • New York: March 10
  • Reading: March 12
  • Washington: March 14
  • Chicago: March 16
  • Houston: March 18
  • Fort Worth: March 20
  • Tempe: March 22
  • Los Angeles: March 24
  • Oakland: March 26

Prepare to be enchanted by CIX’s powerful performances and captivating stage presence as they bring their music to life. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as CIX’s Save Me, Kill Me tour unfolds, promising unforgettable experiences for fans around the world.


Where are most K-pop concerts held?

Asia remains a popular destination for K-pop concerts due to factors such as cultural similarities, cost-effectiveness, proximity, and a strong fan base. The countries that host the most K-pop concerts in Asia are China, Japan, and Singapore.

Which K-pop groups are coming to India in 2023?

Blackpink, the popular music pop band, has announced its upcoming concert in India in October 2023. This news has brought immense joy to the Indian fans of Blackpink.

What K-pop groups will disband in 2023?

After being together for seven years, the South Korean girl group MOMOLAND announced their disbandment on February 14, 2023, to pursue individual endeavors and start new chapters in their careers.

What is K-Pop’s biggest concert?

Some of the biggest K-pop concerts include:
1. BTS – Love Yourself tour (2018-2019)
2. Big Bang – MADE Tour (2015-2016)
3. TVXQ – Circle / Begin again Japan Tour (2017-2018)
4. EXO – The EXO’luXion in (2015-2016)
5. Seventeen – Be the Sun (2022)
6. Super Junior – Super Show 6 (2014-2015)
7. TWICE – Twicelights or Dreamday Japan tour (2019-2020)

Which part of India is K-Pop popular?

K-pop is particularly popular in the north-eastern state of Manipur in India, where its popularity grew due to a ban on Bollywood films by separatist rebels. The introduction of Korean dramas led to a growing interest in K-pop, and it has since gained widespread popularity across the country.

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