Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida

Most Expensive Houses in Florida

Florida homes are a special form of architecture that combines Spanish and Mediterranean styles to define seaside living. The architectural designs that work best for the Florida coast’s resort and retirement communities give priority to the sky and the water. Large estates with extremely high ceilings, spacious rooms, and stunning views can be found on this list as a result. Due to the state’s early immigrants, buildings become more and more Spanish as time passes. It includes many flat roofs, tile decor, and terracotta decorations.

Let's look at the Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida

Many are aware that Hawaii and California are home to some of the most expensive houses. Sunshine State Florida has a lot of luxurious houses, many of which cost millions of dollars.

The residence at 2000 S Ocean Blvd in Lantana is the most expensive home in Florida. There are multiple buildings on this 16-acre property, making 21 bedrooms available. The lavish interior design of each structure contributed to the property sale price of $173 million.

1) 2000 S Ocean Boulevard, Manalapan

1) 2000 S Ocean Boulevard, Manalapan

Price: $173 Million

The 62,200 square foot compound, known as Gemini, features 360-degree beachfront vistas and fronts both the Atlantic and Lake Worth. It has been idly lingering on the market since 2016 and listed for as high as $195 million.

  • It was constructed in 2002 and features 33 bedrooms, 38 full bathrooms, and 14 partial baths.
  • The main house has twelve bedrooms, the four beachside cottages each have two, another home has seven, and there are guest and staff quarters.
  • Owners and visitors can enjoy the wine cellar, the pool, the PGA standard golf course, tennis, and basketball, work out in the fitness center, and shoot hoops or relax in the spa.
  • To relax walk through the botanical gardens, which feature 1,500 species of tropical plants.

2) 18 La Gorce Cir, Miami Beach – $170 Million

Although the collection of luxurious buildings at 18 La Gorce Circle in Miami Beach officially meets the definition of a single-family home, you wouldn’t know it from the outside. After all, this property is more akin to a self-contained town than a single residence, with three different residences and a separate park.

Naturally, this space is not inexpensive, especially in the upscale Miami Beach area. The price of this house listed Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida is $170 million.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • This property has a total square footage of around 125,000 square feet including the indoor and outdoor area that is 50 times bigger than the typical American home!
  • It has numerous swimming pools, residences in the Spanish Colonial design, expansive fully-equipped kitchens, and sumptuous dining rooms appropriate for heads of state. Go no farther than this property if private docks, well-kept gardens, and ceiling murals inspired by the Renaissance are your idea of a home sweet home.
  • Three unique residences are included on this site, each of which is valued at several million dollars on its own. But it also has a private park on a seaside lot!
  • Even so, you could get several of the most costly pieces of jewelry for the cost of this Miami Beach house. Jewellery cannot keep you as warm and secure as a home can.
  • Also, this house has a garden filled with statues that will transport your mind and spirit to the most opulent European locations, a home theatre in the traditional manner, replete with crimson theatre chairs.

3) 3031 Brickell Ave

Price: $150,000,000

  • The most expensive house in Florida, 3031 Brickell Ave is currently for sale in Miami and is listed Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida. This 19,191 sq. ft. house’s price is $150,000,000 and has 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms built in 1999.

Why Is It Expensive?

  •  The house has a garden, formal living room, terrace, Grand Salon, gourmet kitchen, pool, professional office, bay, tennis court, 6-car garage, and more. The whole mansion is on 4 acres.
  • The estate has Villa Serena, built-in 1913 by the architects at WJ Bryan. This villa has a living room, sitting rooms, 2 bedrooms, a guesthouse, an office, and a 3-car garage.

4) 1980 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach

4) 1980 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach

Price: $150 Million

Once again, S Ocean Blvd impresses with this gorgeous Florida home listed as Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida. This lot in Palm Beach, Florida, is tucked between the tranquil intercoastal seas and the lathery, deep-blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is at 1980 S Ocean Blvd. A small grove of palm and oak trees that serve on-site nature help partially obscure it from the general public’s view.

Why It’s Expensive?

  • This property is expensive despite being an empty lot because of its location and potential. 1980 S Ocean Blvd, after all, is securely located in Billionaire’s Row, the most affluent and influential part of Palm Beach.
  • Still, this isn’t the most expensive property on S Ocean Blvd! But we’ll disclose that house in just a moment.

5) 535 N County Rd, Palm Beach –

Price: P$122.69 Million

Despite having a population of fewer than 10,000, Palm Beach is one of the most expensive houses in Florida. One such property is the 535 N County Road mansion in Palm Beach, which sold for $122.69 million in February 2021. The nine magnificent bedrooms and twelve complete bathrooms in this house give feel like a five-star hotel rather than a family home.

Why is it so expensive?

  • This enormous 15,350-square-foot home epitomizes contemporary luxury, with a stark white front full of striking lines and angles. The outer walkway crosses two swimming pools, and the interior and exterior spaces are tiled with fine marble.
  • Everything in this house has a shimmering quality thanks to the sleek flooring and stylish hanging lighting, all are illuminated by the several tall windows that allow natural light to fill every room. This house also has a professional bar with enough bar seating for a restaurant.
  • The outdoor theatre is the perfect place to gather with friends and family, but you can also unwind by relaxing in the jacuzzi at this house.
  • This house has a diamond-like brilliance, yet it also has a stylish, understated appearance. This house has numerous rooms, each of which is distinct and comfortable.

Yet, the indoor dancing studio, outdoor theatre, and fantasy living quarters are some of the primary reasons this property sold for $122.69 million and it is listed in the top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida.

6) 1840 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach

6) 1840 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach

Price: $109.62 Million

The Palm Beach residence at 1840 S Ocean Blvd is a lavish castle fit for a monarch. This fact reflects in the price, it was $109.62 million when the house was sold in 2021.

Except for a very narrow strip at the front of the entrance road, the entire property almost fills the length of the island it is located on. Because of this, the private dock at this house faces the mainland, making it perfect for boating and fishing.

Why It’s Expensive

  • It can handle families of any size and has nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Also, it is in Palm Beach, one of the wealthiest regions of the Sunshine State. Its pricing is exceptionally high due to these features.
  • What makes this house special are the spacious interior areas because there are open-plan spaces with alabaster columns, priceless artwork, tapestries, and statues, as well as opulent white-tiled bathrooms with enormous bathtubs and built-in vanity areas.
  • The outdoor swimming pool with a ceiling above it is also a wonderful touch because it lets you get a few laps in, even when the weather is rainy. This home even has a private gym!

7) 1000 S Boulevard

Price: $106,000,000

One of the most expensive homes in Florida is located at 1000 S Boulevard in Manalapan. It includes a 7-car garage, Nine bedrooms, and 10.5 bathrooms distributed throughout the main building and a guest house in this 23,188 square foot property. The estate is 1.91 acres, and its spacious suites have stunning ocean views. It was constructed in 2017.

Why It’s Expensive?

  • The second most expensive house currently on the market in Florida is listed on Realtor for $106,000,000 and has been there for 56 days.
  • The Lofthus Underwater Archeological Site, Lantana Beach, and the Palm Beach Polo Club are just a few of the interesting places close to this opulent beachfront house.

8) 3031 Brickell Ave, Miami – $106.87 Million

8) 3031 Brickell Ave, Miami – $106.87 Million

Price: $150,000,000

City: Miami, FL 33129

Bedrooms: 12

Size: 19,191 sq. ft.

One of Florida’s most crowded places is Miami, and property in this city may be very high. The mansion at 3031 Brickell Ave. has 12 bedrooms, and although it is close to the imposing downtown Miami, it is still far enough away to be calm and peaceful. But there is a price to pay for this comfort and calm.

Although this Miami property had a $150 million price tag, it sold in August 2022 for a far less remarkable $106.87 million.

Why It’s Expensive?

  • The Spanish Colonial-style exteriors are charming, the lovely green grounds lead to a private fishing dock that borders deep blue coastal waters, and the small swimming pool has an elegant fountain.
  • Yet, as soon as you enter, you can see this house’s full splendor. A chandelier in the entrance illuminates a spiral staircase rising to the second story, and the polished marble and travertine flooring is gloriously luxurious.
  • The most pricey toilets and other high-end fixtures could increase the value of this house even further!
  • This house has every factor of a classic mansion, including numerous chandeliers and gilded mirrors. Every component is lavish and gorgeous, so the price will be high.

In addition, this house contains twelve bedrooms. You could turn it into a hotel because of the number of bedrooms!

9) 1020 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan – $89.93 Million

As will soon you see, S Ocean Blvd in Manalapan/Palm Beach features some of the Top 10 most expensive homes in Florida. It has the property found on 1020 S Ocean Blvd in Manalapan.

It sold for $89.93 million in 2021, even though it didn’t yet have a home when it sold. This plot of land was open when it sold, but it would not be for long!

The current plans for this property have the construction of a massive U-shaped Spanish-style villa, complete with a T-shaped swimming pool in the back.

Why It’s Expensive

This one-acre land was barren when it was sold, but it will soon be the site of one of the most lavish modern residences in Florida. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether 1020 S Ocean Blvd will grow to be one of Manalapan’s most coveted luxury homes.

10) Palm Beach, 10.854 S County Rd

10) Palm Beach, 10.854 S County Rd

Price: $79 million

The house at 854 S County Road in Palm Beach resembles a private estate from the heyday of the 1920s rather than a contemporary mansion. That might be connected to the fact that it was constructed in 1936!

You only need to spend $79 million if you want to own this house. Given the size, elegance, and history of the property, that represents a genuine bargain.

Why Is It Expensive?

  • This traditional Florida estate is much more elegant than contemporary equivalents, which is guaranteed to appeal to purchasers with deep pockets.
  • Younger businesspeople might not be drawn to the property’s opulent driveway and themed swimming pools, but there is no denying the grandeur and attractiveness of this enormous house.
  • It has all the contemporary conveniences and luxuries one might need, such as a private golf course and boat dock, open-concept living areas that welcome coastal breezes, a fully equipped gym, and an updated kitchen with high-end appliances.
  • Every element in this house, from the billiards room to the enormous horseshoe driveway, screams wealth and grandeur (complete with floor-to-ceiling French doors). This home includes almost 10,000 square feet of living space, nine bedrooms, and eight bathrooms in all.

Overall, the cost of this house is high because of its size, amenities, and unique history. Of course, many of the high-priced Florida homes included in this ranking are costly for the same reasons!


The Florida housing market prioritizes vacation and tourist residences. The Southern Miami and coastal waterfront homes on this list are valued in the dozens or even hundreds of millions of dollars due to their huge floorplans, land, and sumptuous facilities. If you like a bit of Spanish and Italian, a touch of Tropical, and a dash of everything else, one of these super-houses might be the perfect fit for you. You might also be eager to find a place to dock your superyacht. For more interesting topics do visit our page and check the other blogs. Always give your views on the topic.

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