20 Best Things You Can Do In Houston

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Why visit Houston? What to do in Houston? Houston is a metropolis city of Texas in the southern part of the United States. It’s the fourth most popular city in the US, and you can take an idea of how much this city has places to visit. There are many mind-blowing things that you can enjoy there, and the popular city is always a mixture of nature and modern innovations, and this city is a perfect example of all these things. What you want to see in Houston, let me give a lot of options starting from the natural to man-made architectures, local heritage to futuristic views, common-placements to technological advancement, here you can explore the many things which you can’t even imagine about it. Before going, you must list the things where you will go and enjoy the city of the United States. Here are the 20 best things you can do in Houston and from which some you can put into your bucket list in which you are interested.

Best Things You Can Do In Houston

In this beautiful city of Texas, you will find the natural initiatives by humans and many technological advancements where you can experience things at minimum cost, which are bound from the view of laymen. Houston is the hub of many things and is famous for multiple things such as space exploration, the Oil and gas industry, medical center, food cuisine, sports, arts, and culture, and in terms of livelihood, it consistently ranks high in quality of life surveys due to its affordable cost of living, mild climate, and diverse communities. From space to earth, you can experience a lot of things like the imagination of creators to existing texts of ancient history in museums. You will explore more and more each day and the reasons vary as it’s a very diverse topic to consent on and if we read the same thing from a different perspective, its meaning also changes every time. So, here are the 20 best things you can do in Houston.

1) BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS), a Hindu religious and social association build this marvel architectural piece in Houston, which makes it an all-rounder site to see from the building or religious place as here you can feel the peaceful and able to reduce the mental stress and anxiety. It works as a medicine for stressed people, and you have to be respectful and remember one thing is that not to take photos there but you can capture a memorable and peaceful time there. This is number one on the list of best things you can do in Houston because this can be a place where you can feel the peace, and our most reason for going on vacation is to find the peace from the day-to-day noisy work environment.

2) Museum of Fine Arts

It is number two on the list of best things you can do in Houston because fine arts are another way to relax the mind and explore more about the ideas, what a picture can depict, and how an artist thinks. At this museum, you will find 70,000 objects of American art and Latin American art with European paintings, and sculptures of the 20-21st century and here you can find the work of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Rembrandt. Here you can also participate in the educational programs and activities proposed by the museum.

3) Buffalo Bayou Park

It is number three on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit Buffalo Bayou Park as this feature several spots that are great for a relaxing day. Here you can enjoy different activities like a skateboarding park, playground picnic pavilion, and a tributary. Here you will find great deals on delicious food, street art, and live music at certain times of the week, which all over gives you cool vibes.

4) Children's Museum of Houston

It is number four on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the Children’s Museum of Houston, this place is lavish to enjoy with your kids, and you can explore many things here. Don’t underestimate this museum as it’s a family-fun spot with exhibitions of science and technology and some history and cultural arts that teaches students or children history and enjoyment. Here you can dine at Luculle’s near it, which offers a brunch of tasty food.

5) Galveston

It is number five on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit Galveston, it’s a coastal line where you will enjoy the beautiful beaches, a kitsch amusement park, and a pleasure pier. Here you can explore a vast number of things and can easily spend a day, and there are a lot of beaches such as East Beach, Porretto Beach, San Luis Beach, and Stewart Beach. There is a historical place too at the East End of Galveston and Bishop Palace.

6) Museum of Natural Science

It is number six on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit

Museum of Natural Science, which is like a flashback years, here you will explore the paleontology hall and dinosaur fossils, and many other exhibits consisting of space station models and mineral specimens. Here you will experience the butterfly center and Egypt exhibitions, book the tickets earlier, and enjoy the evolution museum of different species.

7) Houston Zoo

It is number seven on the list of the best things you can do in Houston to visit the Zoo in Hermann Park, the best place to be-friend with the animals as there are 6,000 species, and the best known Zoo among the locals and travelers. They have a variety of strange animals, from gorillas to tortoises, and surely give you a memorable day, and you can also feed the marine and giraffes. This Zoo is best for the kids to explore the knowledgeable content about the animals.

8) Space Center of Houston

It is number eight on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the Space Center of Houston, which is the visitor center of the Johnson Space Center, NASA, and it is the most popular attraction with several replicas of space shuttles and labs. You can experience the touch of a rock from the moon, and meet an astronaut if you have luck. You can also take a sight at Rocket Park, and there is a VIP tour in which only a limited number of people can get a chance to experience the real functioning of a Space Centre.

9) Chinatown

It is number nine on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit Chinatown, it is one of the largest Chinese population areas in the US, and here you can find many engaging collections of China as people immigrate with their culture along the set of clothes. Here, you can enjoy delicious food and sweet dishes, and a famous Karaoke bar experience will be great there.

10) The Menil Collection

It is number ten on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the Menil collection, where you will find a significant art assemblage of the 20th century and a sight on the designed gallery of Renzo Piano. Other art collections are of various famous artists, including John and Dominique de Menil, and in total, you can check out the 15,000 pieces from the Paleolithic carvings to Surrealist paintings, and Picasso to Rene Magritte. Be more attentive while walking around as each piece of art has a message, but you have to spend time for reaching that.

11) Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

It is number eleven on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit Twilight Epiphany Skyspace at the Rice University campus, where you can experience the most beautiful music concerts and performances enlighted with LED lights in sequence projecting on the ceiling. It’s the best use of lights, which gives immense satisfaction just after looking at it and a bit of a firecrackers view.

12) Livestock Show and Rodeo

It is number twelve on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the Livestock Show and Rodeo, it is one of the most p[opular events celebrated in February or March for 19 days. You can get rides and games and food all at this place, and this is best for the people, who are interested in watching stunts, and musical performances performed in the evening.

13) NRG Stadium

It is number thirteen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit NRG stadium, which is the home of the NFL’s Houston Texans. They offer you the stadium tour in which they show the locker rooms, premium seating areas, press boxes, and many more things. You can catch a game there if held at that time when you are visiting. The staff is friendly, and you can also get the food and beverages. Cleaningness is your most duty where ever you are going.

14) Downtown Aquarium

It is number fourteen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the Downtown Aquarium, here you will find the 500,000-gallon aquarium that also boasts a restaurant and it exhibits exciting and loveable sea animals and different types of fishes. The major shows are the Sunken Temple, the Rainforest, the Lousiana Swamp, the Shipwreck, and the Gulf of Mexico. Near by you can also visit the Maharaja’s temple and Shark Voyage.

15) San Jacinto Monument

It is number fifteen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit San Jacinto Monument, which is the tallest war memorial in the world, and it was built in honor of those who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. Here you will explore the story of the birth of Texas and many other inscriptions on the monument. Here you can enjoy the landscape view from the 489 feet above. Learn the history, know about it, and rethink what your ancestors do for you.

16) Houston Museum District

It is number sixteen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the Museum District, as it consists of nineteen museums, of which 11 are free of cost for the public. The best-selected museums to explore are the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Menil Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and the Holocaust Museum. You can find entertainment things too such as Zoo, Hermann Park and Miller Outdoor Theatre.

17) Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

It is number seventeen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park, which is the best place to relax and one of the most photographed sites in the city. It’s a semicircular fountain, and after that, grab delicious food from the Galleria. Be safe and keep the place clean which gives the heaven vibes.

18) Miller Outdoor Theatre

It is number eighteen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit Miller Outdoor Theatre. It is the brightest cultural gem of Houston since 1923. It’s the best view under the stars and sky with blankets and picnics. For enjoying this event check the calendar in advance. It is free of cost but if necessary book tickets in advance. Here you can enjoy everything from symphonies to dramas.

19) National Museum of Funeral History

It is number nineteen on the list of best things you can do in Houston to visit the National Museum of Funeral History. From the mysterious traditions to recreations are presented here, and you will explore more about the burial of a pope to the pursuit of Abraham Lincoln’s circumstances funeral at this gripping museum. This museum carries coffins, pallbearers, and twenty mourners. I am not concerned if this place is haunted or not. First, check and visit while other tourists are visiting.

20) Diversión Immersive Cocktails

It’s number twenty on the list of best things you can do in Houston is to visit the Diversion Immersive Cocktails, which is a cocktail bar it’s the coolest thing and gives an immersive experience in Texas. Here you will find drinks with the finest ingredients, which are locally grown and crafted from scratch. The most creative and excellent cocktails you check out on their menus. It’s the best way to relax from organic drinks, which are way more robust.


These are the 20 best things you can do in Houston, where you will enjoy many things such as parks, temples, space centers, and many more but what will you learn there? The point of selecting these places is to convey relaxation to the brain, experience new things and get ideas and many more explorations. The learning started from step one and Houston gives you the full future view of space stations. Here you can feel the surroundings and know the difficulty of astronauts. Hope you enjoy this blog, for engaging blogs do visit our official website and also share your experience if you already visit this city, and you can also ask questions related to it.

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