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Why choose Road Trips? Roads trips definition is different from person to person, but a common is a road trip which is on a vehicle that rides on the road and explores new sites and helps in reaching those sites which are away from the eyes of many people. Los Angeles has so many engaging things and places to visit, but visiting places that are peaceful and so beautiful. Going for a drive for a few hours will be exciting.

There are many best road trips from Los Angeles where you experience the different natural sites. As everyone knows, Los Angeles is famous for its beaches and mountains and many national parks, and there are many adventure trips here. Do you know what are the benefits of road trips? Here are some of the advantages which a road trip gives you.

Advantages of Best Road Trips from Los Angeles

There are many advantages that please you to have a road trip from Los Angeles, some of them mentioned below:

  • The road trip is a very adventurous activity in which you will explore new places or get to know hidden gems aside from the road. It helps in creating eternal memories and gives a sense of curiosity.
  • The road trip is just like bonding and connecting with nature and friends with whom you are going, with multiple thought exchanges, and it can be a solo trip.
  • The road trip gives you to enhance personal growth throughout the road trip. You can reflect on your habits and keen interest along with your weakness which helps you give meaning to your life, and you will get a new experience of different cultures, which helps in exploring different environments with new ideas.
  • The road trip gives you freedom and flexibility, which make you more responsible, and this independence gives you time to manage your senses and discover yourself.

These are some of the points, but you also get free from mental stress and anxiety by riding along the road. It makes you lead a happy life. Along with the road, you will see many destinated places where no rooms, food stalls, and other things are available. The road trip is free from the noise of the city and the area with peace and mindful thoughts. Each and everything along the beaches and mountains and air every stone will give an idea to explore more and learn more. Here is the list of the Best road trips from Los Angeles.

1) Palm Springs

1) Palm Springs

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to Palm Springs. It’s a fascinating trip with the natural beauty of farms and landscapes. It’s 110 miles away from Los Angeles and takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive along the roadside. This drive gives you the perfect way to relax and unwind while bringing in the vistas of the Coachella Valley.

Here are some famous stops along this road trip are Rancho Cucamonga, Mount Baldy, Mt San Jacinto State Park, San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, and Rim of the World Scenic Byway. This will be a more delightful journey and this route is the best example of beautiful nature.

2) Joshua Tree

2) Joshua Tree

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to the Joshua Tree which looks like a portrait of the national park and exotic landscapes. Joshua trees are deformed, and massive stones are scattered randomly, which gives an impressive insight view while driving. Here are some of the stations where you can stop and have fun aside from the road with beautiful scenery. The total time it takes without stopping across the Joshua Tree National Park is 1 hour 40 minutes, if you stop at different stops then it takes more time.

This road trip gives you the best experience of the desert landscapes of cacti, rocks, and Joshua trees which are plants, not trees. Here are a lot more options to choose from different things like Stargazing, wild coyotes, Pappy & Harriets for food, live music along the ghost town stroll, and there is a houseplant at the Catus Mart, or you can also visit the Integration of sound bath, and a shady hammock nap. Crochet Museum, which has quirky public art that is in tiny and warm weather, and is another destination if you want to explore more.

3) Big Sur

3) Big Sur

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to Big Sur, which gives the iconic stretches of coastline and fantastic view, which looks stunning and magnificent. It’s just 91 miles along the Highway, and from end to end it takes a few hours to cross without taking a break, but there are so many things to see and do in Big Sur. Its location is near the redwood-covered mountainsides that drop into the surging sea with a narrow lane aside carved into the cliffside, offering amazing views and a scrap of giddiness.

Some of the places where you can enjoy these insightful views are Morro Bay or Pismo Beach, elephant seals, McWay Falls and Pfeiffer Beach are stunning vistas and worth visiting there. Mission San Antonio de Padua is another place to visit and enjoy the beautiful views. I recommend stopping where your heart pleases nature to stop the time and let me look for a while. The beauty is aside, be careful of poisonous oak, and there may be plants that are pretty, but maybe they are poisonous so, take a look from afar and breath in the fresh air.

4) Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

4) Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. This ride through the gentle giants gives you the best experience of the roof of woods with an attractive General Sherman Tree, the biggest living thing in the world. There you can have insight into many views like Tunnel Log, a fallen, hollowed-out Sequoia that you can drive through, and Moro Rock, a dome-shaped peak. Check conditions before going there as some roads got blocked and there are many chances of wildfires. It covers an area of over 1,353 square miles with mountains and valleys which gives the most stunning view and you can cover all famous spots in 2 days trip.

5) Las Vegas

5) Las Vegas

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to visit Las Vegas by driving, which gives you the best view of the surroundings. There are many places on the road to see, like Calico Ghost towns which are a detour for a bit of wild past stories, and a little strange is that you will find destructive mineral springs and a Health spa on the way.

Quack radio preacher Curtis Howe Springer back in the resort misled visitors as pools having boiler-heated to state them as natural hot springs, and it got shut by the FBI. There are even wider things like alien sightings at Alien Jerky, a kitschy, alien-themed sundries shop selling flavored jerky, olives, nuts, and candy, and for food, you can consider the Mad Greek. Here you can also take a look at plaster statues and the Pantheon patio, and rest the trip with Sin City along with the Red-Rock Canyon view of 13 miles.

6) Mammoth Lakes

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to Mammoth Lakes, which is a route of 325 miles, and it takes five to six hours to complete the trip in a single shot. On this road trip, you will experience the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountain range for the most stunning drive. Here you will see the Big Pine and copper top BBQ, a bright red smoke shack that serves the tri-tips and piping-hot ribs and after filling your stomach you will see the climbers guided to or from Mount Whitney, the highest point in the USA.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, here you will see the oldest trees in the world, and some are older than 4,000 years, these beautiful views will amaze you a lot. On the way to highway number 395, you will see some of the Red Rock Canton state park, Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, Convict Lake near Mammoth Lakes, Hot Springs outsides the Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Hot Creek Geological Site, June Lake, etc.

7) San Francisco

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to San Francisco, through Los Angeles to San Francisco both destinations are full of sandy beaches, food, and many unique places. On the way, you will see beaches, coastal towns food, wildlife, and the history of respective places like Hearst Castle. There are two ways to go one from Highway 5 which gives you a headache and a bad experience and Highway 1 where you will experience the most stunning places.

Some famous places on this route are Madonna Inn for a giant slice of cake. Hearst Castle is another place to rest which has 56 bedrooms, multiple pools, 127 acres of gardens, and grazing zebras. On the way, you can also take a look at the Garlic capital of the world and take a view of Winchester Mystery House, which is famous for the haunted ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles.

8) Napa and Sonoma

8) Napa and Sonoma

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to Napa and Sonoma by driving a 500-mile road trip which takes 9 hours 30 minutes just to complete the tour. There are some famous stops where you can enjoy the greenery and mountain and ocean water. Morro Bay, Santa Cruz, Malibu, San Luis Obispo, and San Francisco, as well as Big Sur and Los Padres National Forest, are some famous stops.

This is a Wine Country where you can enjoy the picturesque and explore it as a vast place, there are miles of bucolic, verdant, rolling hills dotted with wineries and farms. For Sonoma, you have to take the west, which is a rural area with beautiful fruit fields, and for Napa take the east, where you can enjoy the condensed and tourist places. You can also enjoy the hot air balloon and can also spot them on the road in the early mornings.

9) Lake Tahoe

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to Lake Tahoe through the Route 395 highway. It’s the stunning road views in California with the windways along the Eastern Sierras, plugging in the miniature villages of Lone Pine, Big Pine, and Bishop for retro hikes and tasty Copper Top BBQ in Big Pine and the famous Schat’s Bakery in Bishop.

You will experience a natural place where people are residents, and most of the natural sites are pine forests, crystal-clear snowmelt lakes, and tiny towns. You can ask the locals for hot springs, which gives the happy, sads, or Owens River Gorge, all world-class bouldering and climbing sites, for some rock sprinting. Mono Lakes, towers of Limestone buildup reflecting across the saline water, and Yosemite National Park, Bodie ghost town is a well-preserved site that offers insight into these places.

10) Flagstaff and Sedona

10) Flagstaff and Sedona

One of the best road trips from Los Angeles is to Flagstaff and Sedona. On this trip, you will see the vast expanses of desert into shrub-covered cliffs, observed by dense forest Sedona is 480 and 490 miles away, and it takes 7 to 7:30 hours. Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Las Vegas are some of the things you see on the way. There are two different ways to go Flagstaff or Sedona it takes the 30-minute drive between the two and in Flagstaff, you will experience the hip, small-town feel, crafts beer, live music, and friendly folks, and in Sedona, you will find the health and wellness spas which give the mood of sleepy Sedona.


There are many best road trips from Los Angeles, and each place has many ways to visit, but some specific routes are just wow, and I stated it as the stunning views with lots of natural sites like ocean, mountains, and greeneries. Riding the road are the best experience than flying or traveling by boat. As road trips are much more attractive because they have the open air which is fresh and sweet, greenery, oceans, and mountains which give the pleasure to heart and eyes too. For more interesting blogs visit our website and remember to share your experience and thoughts on this topic.

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