6 Of The Best Hiking Trails In Utah

The Best Hiking Trails In Utah

Whenever we are on vacation or have free time, it’s just to go and chill and today I am sharing the best hiking trails in Utah. This blog can also encourage you to visit there on your holiday. Its beautifully surrounded by other places like the Mountain West region of the Western United States, Utah is a landlocked state and shares boundaries with Colorado to the east, Wyoming to the northeast, Idaho to the north, Arizona to the south, and Nevada to the west and in the southeast, Utah also contacts a portion of New Mexico.

Why this place for hiking? When it comes to Utah, outdoor activities and taking in the breathtaking landscape are the main attractions, along with its state is also home to many fascinating cities that provide top-notch cultural attractions. If you’re planning a trip to Utah, Consider spending some time in these places and must try the best hiking trails in Utah, and you will enjoy it the most there.

There are a lot of questions that arise when you think to go there Where are the best trails for hiking? When to go? And there are a lot of things related to the visit to a hiking site and answers to these questions you will get in this blog.

Best Hiking Trails In Utah

There are a lot of places or trails for hiking in Utah around 2,612 hiking trails, 1,167 walking trails, 1,024 trail-running trails, and many more these are the just numbers of paths but I will share the list of the best hiking path in Utah and I am sure you will love it some are easy to pass but some are most difficult paths to cross. Now the thing is when to go hiking in Utah for a wonderful experience.

You can consider the month March to May as it will be the perfect time and season of spring and the most important thing is there will be many people to accompany you who may be well-known about the place. Not just this you will also see the waterfalls and both hotels and rental cars are affordable compared t other seasons like summer. But what are the benefit of d hiking and not other activities, you can consider hiking as the best activity for your health as some of the benefits of this are mentioned below.

  • Hiking helps in Building stronger muscles and bones.
  • This also helps in improving your sense of balance and improving your heart health.
  • This helps you in decreasing the risk of some respiratory issues and helps in managing your weight.
  • Hiking is a joint-friendly form of exercise that can keep arthritis sufferers better flexible and transferable.
  • Standing outdoors in the sunshine furnishes the body with vitamin D and this also provides psychological benefits like feeling relaxed and enhancing well-being.

1) Angels Landing Trail

Track:- This is one of the best hiking trails in Utah and the most popular and dangerous. It’s 7.1 km or 5 miles near Springdale, Utah and find a lot of people who are exploring this place before you. You can go there from February to October and the most important thing that leaves your pets at home as dogs aren’t allowed there.

Location:- It’s in the Zion National Park with vertical drop-offs along with narrow sections. You can see their incredible views of the Zion Canyon West Rim Trail is well maintained starting part and you also cover the Virgin River. Although the path is sunny, you will get the shades of Canyon which gives a cold breeze. The most experienced thing will be the wet, storming, or high winds at the edges but try to avoid them.

Note:- This is brutal and challenging for your mind and body. Young kids or anyone with dizziness, fear of peaks, or two left feet avoid going there. The age limit for the kids is 12 but this is when a youngster has prior experience hiking.

2) Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail

Track:- This is one of the best hiking trails in Utah of 5.0-km circle trail near Bryce, Utah. It’s a little challenging route and takes a standard of 1 h 34 min to conclude. You can also encounter other people while exploring this place and the best times to visit this route are March through October. Remember one thing, leave your pets at home as dogs aren’t allowed on this path.

Location:- It’s the area of Bryce Canyon National Park as you will get the best experience of the hoodoos and spires along with other incredible views and unique rock formations. The most iconic feature of this place is Queen Victoria and Thor’s Hammer.

When you start this trail you will encounter first the Navajo Loop Trail towards Sunset Point which has lovable views of the colorful canyon. These are aside furthermore you will see Wall Street, a narrow Canyon along with iconic features and colorful sandstone structures.

Water Corrodes and rocky plateaus, this experience of how water takes rock and sand, leaves holes or cracks in bigger rocks, and after rain cracks expand. It’s so hurtful and painful but years ago they create a beautiful view.

Note:- It’s not that difficult as compared to Angles Landing as it is moderately challenging but this also gives almost the same dangerous thing as crossing two bridges are difficult but beautiful and it’s a little old so some of them may be closed due to renovations.

3) Delicate Arch Trail

Track:- This is one of the best hiking trails in Utah is 1.5 miles out and back near Moab and it is considered a challenging route completely this wonderful and exciting trail of hiking. You will encounter other people too and dogs or any pets are not allowed on this trail.

Location:- It’s a short hike in Arches National Park to Utah and in the most recognized natural arch. This is the home of the most unique geologic features in the world and you will experience a lot of things there starting from the red rocks slabs, undersized stone angles,

heaps of flat rocks, and towering sandstone. You will also cross the bridge over the salt wash and the best season to visit there is spring and drop when the temperatures are cooler, or during the beautiful hours just after daybreak and before nightfall when the stones appear to pivot a magical coloring and the air temperature is pleased.

It’s all in the sunshine so bring water and a hat along with you at the end of the trail with the unique but more distant view of the arch.

Note:- It’s not that difficult as compared to Angles Landing as it is moderately challenging some other information about its cost is $15 for an individual without a car or any vehicle and for free for the younger ones of 15 and under age.

4) The Zion Narrows Riverside Walk

Track:- This is one of the best hiking trails in Utah is a 3.1 km out-and-back trail near Springdale, Utah, and is considered an easy route completed on an average of 44 min. It’s popular for hiking, running, and walking, and you will easily encounter other people while exploring and best times to go there are March through October.

Location:- The narrows are the best for outdoor activity and this is along with the Riverside Walk Trail located at the end of the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. There you will find the water and a restroom at the trailhead and can experience the sandy areas for cooling your feet in the refreshing water. For exciting walks, you can consider their famous slot canyon along with the Virgin River.

The special thing is that is less crowded, narrower, and darker than The Narrows. Zion National Park has a shuttle system that works in a circle and brings visitors between the visitor base and diverse stops along the way (at the Temple of Sinawava). The cheery on the cake is getting to the trailhead by leasing an e-bike.

Note:- It’s an easy route and anyone can walk and do hiking some extra details are that wheelchairs and mobility equipment and others are not allowed because of the damage that these things can give to trails and steep grades.

5) Scout Lookout via West Rim Trail

Track:- This is one of the best hiking trails in Utah is a 5.8 km out-and-back trail near Springdale and considered the most challenging route; on average, it will take 2 hours and 13 minutes to complete.

As it’s so popular you will encounter many people there who are exploring the area before you. March to October is the best time to go there; no pets are allowed there.

Location:- This trail closes occasionally to reduce the limited number of visitors and this is an area of ground with a hard, flat surface of pieces of stone, and concrete which is very popular don’t get fooled by this pavement as it’s very difficult in some sections.

On this trail there is no shade so try to visit either in the morning or late noon when some shade will nature share with you. A bridge over the Virgin River and a little right feel the paved and start the incredible scenic view of the canyon. At the end of the trial conclude with the switchbacks and check of Scout Lookout and out of it, some daring people go above Scout Lookout to nearby Angels Landing.

Note:- It’s described as a hard path as it seems easy but you will know when you reach there and experience it by yourself. This has hiking paves along with river views with wildlife and has no shade, no dogs are allowed, and a little cost also a thing that is included in it.

6) Lake Blanche Trail

Track:- This is one of the best hiking trails in Utah with a 10.9 km out-and-back trail near Mounthaven and this is considered a challenging route completed in 4 hours and 55 minutes. It’s the most popular for camping, hiking, and backpacking, and during the trails, you will encounter many people who are already in a queue to explore this area. From June to October, you can go there and remember to leave your pet animals at home in the care of somebody else.

Location:- The incredible view of this hiking place is in the Twin Peaks Wilderness Area and shows some of the adorable features of a mountaintop lake, views, and abundant wildlife. Be more energetic and check places slowly as you will stop at many places as there are no plane areas but only ups and down like in everyone’s life.

From the Mill B South Fork, Trailhead off Big Cottonwood Canyon Road takes a little short track then turn the eyes color with Lake Blanche Trail and is exciting at its peak while entering the wilderness areas. The demanding climb is worth it but be careful at every step. I can’t explain

the view of three lakes at the top Lake Blanche, Lake Florence, and Lake Lillian, after rolling your eyes down heaven is there with a canyon below and cherry at the top the city Salt Lake also visible from there. These are aside but remember to be careful from mosquitoes and other little insects.

Note:- It’s a hard path to hike be careful on the way, some measures you have to take before going there are packing a flashlight and getting some little extra solutions for insects and if you are going in the winter, Spikes, and poles are highly recommended. Fire is not allowed at all not even for your pet too as the area is under protection, don’t think to swim as it is also not permitted.


The best hiking trails in Utah list are mentioned above and must visit these places as they are unique tracks and have exciting views. As you see, Angels Landing Trail is the best for hiking, the most popular, and most difficult, and it is the best exercise to do and has a lot of benefits, but people suffering from diabetes have to talk with their doctor before going there.

Utah is a most beautiful location to visit and if you don’t believe it then go visit our official page and check out why you should visit Utah. The one thing about it mentioned above already is its best hiking trails in Utah; you will find other more interesting topics too. Remember to share your thoughts about the blogs in the comment section and you can also share your experience with any of these trails.

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