Top 10 Best Beaches in Texas

Top 10 Best Beaches in Texas

Why visit Texas? What to see there? These types of questions will arise when you specify the name of any state or city. Texas is the second largest state in America with an area of 268,596 square miles along with 30 million occupants.

This state has a long and rich chronology to explore, from historical sites to modern sites, beaches, and many more. Texas is famous for its family-friendly living environment which makes it famous that is based on its motto of friendship. Texas has the most beautiful beaches with a wide range of stays. Let’s discuss them ahead.

Best Beaches in Texas

What the best beach looks like? What are things to do at the beach? Here are some of the things that we discuss in this blog. Texas has 370 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico’s teal and olive water, when to visit the beach you will see a lot of insects and aquatic animals too that give a beautiful sight to the eyes.

Wants to plan an event or party with friends then the beach is the best location. Cowboys rides, barbecue, live music at beaches, what beautiful views! that will be. Along with this, you will find an authentic taste of local life. Enough for detailing let’s list the best beaches in Texas.

1) Boca Chica Beach

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Boca Chica located on the eastern portion of a sub-delta cape of Cameron Country in the south of Texas along with the Gulf Coast surrounded by Brownsville Ship Channel to the north, the Rio Grande and Mexico to the south, and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

What to do there:- It’s very famous for scuba diving and snorkeling and there are a lot of optional activities that you can enjoy there are swimming, surfing, fishing, and many other water activities. You can see beautiful sunrise and sunset for free but don’t consent to camp or otherwise stay overnight in the shelter.

Nearby places: There are a lot of places near this beach where you can visit for more entertainment and fun, Boca Chica State Park, South Padre Sandcastle Trail, South Padre Island Adventures Park, Whaling Wall, Gravity Park, Sea Turtle, Playa Bagdad, South Padre Island Farmers Market, Sabal Palm Sanctuary, etc.

2) Padre Island National Seashore Beach

Location:- One of the Best Beaches in Texas is Padre Island National Seashore prolongs across 70 miles of beaches, dunes, and tidal flats located at 20420 Park Rd 22, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, where nature is preserved, its one of the longest stretch of a developed barrier island in the world is ideal for long walks.

What to do there:- There are a lot of things to do at the beach like fishing, boating, windsurfing, camping, or relaxing and enjoying the sound of the waves and a lot of activities like Travel Down Island, Camping, Hatchling Releases, Become a Junior Ranger, Birding, Volunteer, Waterfowl Hunting on the Laguna Madre, Canoeing and Kayaking.

Nearby places:- A clean beach with the beauty of nature near the national park site. It is a resort neighborhood with considerable hotels, clubs, and keepsake shops along with a popular destination for families, couples, and jump breakers in Texas.

3) South Padre Island Beach

Location:-One of the best beaches in Texas is about 30 miles long, running north and south, and only 1/2 mile across at its most comprehensive point.

What to do there:- It’s a popular shoreline with wildlife-spotting opportunities with a dolphin or large sea turtles. There are a lot of activities to do like from swimming to parasailing, or just walking in the white sand and transparent water surroundings.

A border island that is comprehended for its energetic gatherings of party-goers, the spot also solicits families with kids and snowbirds in the winter and is a nature enthusiast’s oasis, bird watching is a widespread activity, as visitors have spotted herons, egrets, and Yellow-billed Loons among the more than 300 bird species that herd here during jump and fall migrations.

Nearby places:- There are numerous places to stay like La Copa Inn Beach Hotel, Hotel Courtyard South Padre Island, and Best Western Beachside Inn. Some of the best sites near this beach are Sea Turtle, Inc, South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, Laguna Madre Nature Trail, Largest Outdoor Sandcastle in the USA, Wyland’s Whaling Wall, South Padre Island Convention Centre, etc.

4) Mustang Island Beach

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Mustang Island beach 18 miles lings stretching from Corpus Christi to Port Aransas. It’s a favored coast destination for families and dynamic visitors.

What to do there:- There are a lot of activities that you can do Surfing and camping and a popular spot to enjoy sunbathing and summing. This beach is pup-friendly and you can also search for seashells, fossils, and other gems cleaned up from the tide on this attractive fence island. This beach offers opportunities to kayak, canoe, and paddleboard, and can watch for turtles, dolphins, and birds on the beautiful sands.

Nearby places:- You can also stay at these resorts for exploring all areas The Place at Port Aransas, Amelia’s Landing, a lot of things to explore there is an arts community including studios, galleries, and the art center along with the shops, boutiques, island-inspired fashions, and different cuisines with fine dining to satisfy every palate.

5) Rockport Beach

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Rockport overlooks Aransas Bay in southeastern Texas bow-shaped beach, tourists will find volleyball courts, picnic tables, and a pier that’s a hot spot for fishing and can do lots of activities there as it considered as the cleanest beach. This beach is known as the first Blue Wave Beach in Texas by the Clean Beaches Coalition as the air is refreshing there.

What to do there:- The alley supports the sands or set up chairs for relaxing and sunbathing on the beach and best for scenic views and best to post on your social media handles. The most famous activities there are fishing, boating, and bird watching and you can also take a 1,500-foot lighted jetty dockyard also sits at the end of the dock, where those looking for a bit of privacy and romance will find an ideal spot for a hike with their noteworthy others.

Nearby Places:- There are a lot of options to do like a surplus of restaurants, gift shops, and galleries line the area and offer opportunities to buy souvenir keepsakes. You can also stay there at these places Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay, Hampton Inn & Suites Rockport-Fulton, and Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Rockport.

6) Crystal Beach

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Crystal Beach sits on the Bolivar Peninsula, which splits Galveston Bay from the Gulf of Mexico and is a secret location available by ferry from Galveston also known as Patton, it lengthens 7 miles along Texas State Highway.

What to do there:- This beach is best for pictures at the coastline with refreshed seafood at regional eateries. This beach is popular for its eco-friendly and for ample fishing options, and crabbing. Less congested than other coasts, beachgoers can find a variety of beach cabins that are perfect for a family-friendly beach getaway outstanding for a day of swimming and water activities along with bird-watching.

Nearby Places:- There are some other activities that you can enjoy nearby are The Gulf Range, Latitude 29.2 Surf Shop, Sweat Fitness, Blue Skies Skydiving Center, and make you dine best at Grand Galvez, Best Western Plus Seawall Inn & Suites by the Beach, and Homewood Suites By Hilton Galveston.

7) Corpus Christi

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Corpus Christi between the Gulf of Mexico and Corpus Christi Bay with 145 miles of sandy shores. It’s a combination of aquatic habitats and serves as the ecozone or frontier between two separate estuarine ecosystems.

What to do there:- It’s a place with high windspeeds, which makes it the best place for kiteboarding, windsurfing, kite flying, and sailing, and a lot of activities to do there and make memorable moments with family and friends.

Nearby places:- This place is surrounded by many interesting things like museums, seafood, and cultural festivals along with pumping beats, and after-hour bars with night-long happy hours to live music and food and drink. You can taste history to modern things in this place.

8) Lighthouse Beach (Port Lavaca)

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Lighthouse Beach that’s a small section of the Fire Island National Seashore approximately one mile long and can be described as the sea-facing beach between Robert Moses State Park and the residents of Kismet or the town of Islip.

What to do there:- It’s a famous waterfront area with sandy coast with a kid garden, splash quarters, and picnic grasslands. This beach is family-friendly and well worth visiting there. The most relaxing activity is just to rest your toes in the sand, then take a stroll on the boardwalk or sit back and relax under their lovely cabanas.

Nearby places:- There are a lot of places to visit there Exchange Club Park, Frosty Point Ice Cream Parlor, Quiet Waters Park, The Deerfield Beach Arboretum, Charm City Burger Company, Boca Raton Museum of Art, The Historic Butler House, Deerfield Island Park, etc.

9) Matagorda Bay

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Matagorda Bay in Calhoun and Matagorda countries and located approximately 80 miles northwest of Corpus Christi, southeast of San Antonia, and southwest of Houston.

What to do there:- It’s a great place to go swimming near the jetties, and ports, and access is risky due to the incision currents and undertow in that location. It’s a very clean and less crowded beach along with the enormous gazebo with picnic plateaux, nice washrooms, and outdoor showers to irrigate off the sand. Best spot for fishing and other activities including kayaking.

Nearby places:- Nearby places to visit are Bay City, El Campo, and Lake Jackson, and the most beautiful bay that is nearby is King Fisher Beach, and Matagorda Beach along with Poco Loco Lodge to stay over-night or just dinning-winning.

10) Surfside Beach

Location:- One of the best beaches in Texas is Surfside heart of the South Carolina Grand Strand with approximately 4 miles of new beachfront with the cleanest and clearest sand and water along with bike-friendly areas with easy entrance to shopping, its library, parks, eateries, and different entertainment.

What to do there:- this place is famous for surfing stores, surfing academies with fishing at the jetty, the shoreline, a chartered yacht or a kayak, or even crabbing at the port. Absorb up the scenery as you dine, shop and join the live celebrations and occasions throughout the year.

Nearby Places:- There are a lot of places where you can enjoy the time Surfside Jetty County Park, Stahlman Park, Oilfield Outkasts Charters, Cowboy Charters Reel Threll Charters, Surfside Beach Bird & Butterfly, Trail Surfside Historical Museum, Freeport Historical Museum, And Visitor Center along with Bad “S” Icehouse, Blue Water RV Resort, Front Row Sports Club, etc.


These are some of the details of the most famous or best beaches in Texas as not only these beaches but nearby places are also very stunning when you visit there you will see the most beautiful surroundings and can also try their delicious food with vast cuisine along with the beautiful cities. Nearby places of beaches are also some major attractions to tourists.

When you start planning your trip or vacations take safety as your first major and everything else will be secondary because insects at beaches maybe become the reason for your illness. Whenever you visit there don’t forget to see the beautiful scenes and make a list of all. For more interesting topics keep reading our other blogs on the official page and also share your concern on the same topic and comment on your favorite beach place to visit.

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